A few reviews from business owners I’ve been working with:

We worked together on getting my business goals clear. What would you like to achieve, how will we be able to get there etc. Next, Lilian made a plan and we made some adjustments to the website. We quickly saw a rise in the number of visitors! (Relatively) small things like using a certain word or changing the structure of a sentence can make a big difference. After a promotion on social media, sales took off. Lilian knows what she’s talking about, is reliable and doesn’t stop until the goals have been reached. I’ll be using her services more often!


Bokie Kids

After supplying her with a short description of my activities, Lilian helped me with finding a new name for my business. She is clear, decisive and quick and definitely will be a big help when my salon is going through its name change.

Caligenia Beauty (Current name)

Lilian helped me with writing copy for my clients’ websites. She is creative and reliable, which makes working with her very enjoyable.





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